Important Notice: 27 October 2016
We previously announced that the free email service was closing due to our service provider cancelling their provision. We have been advised that the service will now continue, meaning our 500,000+ existing free email accounts will continue to function, but we will not be allowing new accounts.

Welcome to is part of the free webmail service. You can send and receive email from any device capable of operating a web browser, so you are not tied to a single device for your communication.

Login to your existing account here:




Important Notes:
This is a free of charge service and we make no warranty for availability or service level. The email accounts are supplied for personal, non commercial use and should not be relied upon as your primary email address. We reserve the right to cancel accounts at any time, and for any reason without prior notice

e-mail addresses - especially free ones - should never be used as the sole means of identifying a party to a transaction. Always ensure you have a reliable and verifiable means of determining who you are sending money or products to.

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